A.E. Backus
Alfred Hair
Harold Newton
R. A. (Roy) McLendon
James Gibson
Livingston (Castro) Roberts
Mary Ann Carroll
Al Black
Sam Newton
Curtis Arnett
Hezekiah Baker
Ellis Buckner
George Buckner
Robert Butler
Johnny Daniels
Willie Daniels
Rodney Demps
Issac Knight
R. L. (Robert) Lewis
John Maynor
Alphonso (Poncho) Moran
Lemuel Newton
Willie Reagan
Carnell (Pete) Smith
Charles Walker
S. M. (Sylvester) Wells
Charles Wheeler

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Rodney Demps. Rolling In

Rodney Demps
Born November 9, 1953, in Fort Pierce, Florida, Demps attended public schools in St. Lucie County, graduating from Fort Pierce Central High School in 1971. He began painting in the fifth grade and met A. E. Backus while on a school field trip to Backus’s studio.

At age thirteen, he began painting the skies in the background of Alfred Hair’s paintings and after he graduated from high school, he painted for a time with Sam Newton at Newton’s studio on Avenue D.

A graduate of Florida A & M University, Demps served in the U. S. Marine Corps before becoming a physical education teacher and high school football coach in Fort Pierce. Demps has since retired and now paints several hours a day. He is known as the Surrealist Highwayman. He married Shearon Hill and has three children.